Receding gums is a very common problem. Many factors contribute to the gums receding. For example, any kind of gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis, advanced periodontitis). It can also be caused by overzealous or abrasive brushing. Even old age can lead the gums to draw back. When the gums greatly recede, it exposes the root of the tooth to infection. Eventually it can even lead to tooth loss. The gums are soft tissue that surround the teeth and provide a seal for them. It’s very important to keep them healthy to preserve a barrier for the tooth, root and bone.

The standard procedure to correct gum recession is very intricate. It involves cutting a piece of the gums from the roof of the mouth and grafting it around the tooth then stitching it in. This is a very traumatic procedure for the mouth. The recovery is about one to two weeks after. Because of the trauma and pain, it’s only possible to do about one to two teeth at a time. When your gums start receding, they will do so at more than just two at a time. Imagine how long until your gums are fixed and fully recovered.

Thankfully, dentist Dr. John Chao has created a new resolution to receding gums that is less invasive, requires no cutting or stitching and a lot less recovery time. The pinhole gum rejuvenation procedure! Pinhole gum rejuvenation uses special tools, created and patented by Dr. Chao, to enter and push down the receding gums never needing to cut, graft and stitch the gums in your mouth. Here’s how it works: a small hole is made with a needle into the receded gums so that other craftily designed instruments may go in and loosen up the receded gum tissue creating slack.  Once loose, the tools are used to gently push down the receded gums and glide them over the teeth once more. So you are essentially pulling the gums back down over the teeth in their original place.

With this method, you can do up to 10 teeth at a time (something both dentists and patients love). The procedure can take about one to two hours and patients have been stunned with the lack of postoperative symptoms as well as the instant cosmetic appearance. With the pinhole procedure, you will be able to have dinner that night! It’s even being coined as “the lunchtime gum lift”. Correcting gum recession because of disease, brushing habits or simply old age has never been easier or less intrusive.

Dr. Chao is making it his mission to teach as many dentists as he can the pinhole method. This non invasive, non traumatic gum rejuvenation will continue to blast through the dentistry world and eventually replace the old grafting method. The dental field is always looking for less invasive, less time consuming, scalpel-free effectiveness. The best part? Beautiful Smiles of Long Island can perform the Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation. Contact our office to make an appointment for Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation today. Let’s get your gums back!