Over time, our teeth tend to become discolored or stained. Whether this is from smoking, coffee, or any food, a beautiful smile can be closer than you think. Brushing and flossing are everyday ways to keep your teeth bright, white, and healthy. Still, if you might feel like your smile is lacking some sparkle or is more yellow than it used to be, you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve always wanted a beautiful white smile. Or your teeth have yellowed over time. Or you’re not happy with the staining that results from drinking coffee, tea or cola.

It’s important to remember that just as we all have different hair and skin color, people also have different tooth colors. Some teeth are more yellow than others, while others yellow as you age. Your natural tooth color can also be affected by many factors.

Surface stains and internal discoloration can be caused by:

  • The natural aging process
  • Using tobacco (smoked or chewed)
  • Drinking coffee, tea, colas or red wine
  • Eating highly pigmented foods such as cherries and blueberries
  • Accumulation of plaque and tartar deposits
  • Ingesting too much fluoride (more than 2 parts fluoride per million
    parts water) when teeth are forming, which gives teeth a “mottled” look
  • Treatment with the antibiotic tetracycline during childhood
  • Trauma to the teeth that may cause a brown, gray or black color
  • There are also many reasons why someone would want to whiten their teeth in the first place. Most of the reasons have to do with boosting one’s confidence and self esteem with the results of a great smile. Patients look to reverse the everyday staining and yellowing in order to look younger and make a positive first impression on others.

    It’s known that the number one thing people would do to improve their smile is to brighten their teeth. The American Association of Orthodontists also found that nearly 90% of patients requested tooth whitening. Beautiful Smiles of LI offers a safe, inexpensive solution to an unsightly smile. Whitening your teeth is a very simple procedure that can be completed in a relatively short period of time.

    The first step in the whitening process is impressions. We will take full impressions of your upper and lower teeth. These impressions will be made into custom bleaching trays. The trays will fit onto your teeth so there is a little chance of gum damage from the bleaching solution.

    The second step is to place the bleaching solution in the trays and wear them for a few hours each day. Within 7-10 days, you will see a significant improvement in the color of your teeth. Your smile will look brighter and younger. We will take before and after photos so that you will be able to compare the amazing transformation. Customers with severe stains must be patient with the process and know that each whitening session removes years of stains. Once those stains are gone, it is incredibly easy to maintain.

    Bleaching only works on natural teeth and may not be effective in all cases. We will inform you as to the potential whitening for your specific situation. Please consult your dentist to see if teeth whitening is right for you.