Oil Pulling

Oil pulling has increasingly become very popular! The practice of oil pulling (also called Gundusha) started in India thousands of years ago, with the practice originally emerging in the United States in the early 1990s. [...]

Mouthwash: Friend or Foe?

The emphasis on a strong oral routine is always pressed onto us when we visit the dentist's office. We're told to build a habit of brushing and flossing to rid our mouths of the leftover [...]

What to Expect of a Dental Cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning is done by the hygienist at a dentist’s office. The hygienist uses tools to remove tartar from your teeth — both above and below where the gum meets the tooth. The [...]

Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding, otherwise known as Bruxism, is the clenching or grinding of your teeth. Those who are affected by Bruxism aren't even aware that they are doing this. In the United States, bruxism affects about [...]

Lazy Dental Care

In Monday's blog, we discussed the dangers of going to sleep without brushing your teeth. The acids that are produced as a result of the bacteria in your mouth feeding off pieces of food cause [...]

Falling Asleep Without Brushing

Most people brush their teeth in order to ward off cavities, with the added bonus of getting rid of bad breath and whitening teeth. But brushing is important for reasons beyond fresh breath and shiny teeth. [...]

Easter Candy

Last month, we discussed the dangers of eating candy for Valentine's Day. The level of marketing that Easter candy has reached is similar to that of Valentine's Day. It seems if at the end of [...]

Don’t Forget Your Tongue!

Is achieving good oral hygiene important to you? While brushing your teeth and flossing daily are very important in accomplishing this, you're forgetting one important step. There’s one more thing that needs to be done [...]

Teeth Whitening

Over time, our teeth tend to become discolored or stained. Whether this is from smoking, coffee, or any food, a beautiful smile can be closer than you think. Brushing and flossing are everyday ways to [...]


It is very rare to meet a person who is completely satisfied with the appearance of their teeth and smile. This could be for a variety of reasons. Most people seek to have the whitest [...]

Foods that Naturally Whiten Teeth

It could be said that a majority of people would agree that having whiter teeth is a common goal when it comes to dental care. Unfortunately, there are several foods and drinks that we love [...]

The Best Foods to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

We've gone over the necessary steps to keep your teeth clean and healthy; Brush twice a day, floss between teeth, and keep sugary food and drinks to a minimum. Your mouth's health is controlled by [...]