In Monday’s blog, we discussed the dangers of going to sleep without brushing your teeth. The acids that are produced as a result of the bacteria in your mouth feeding off pieces of food cause plaque, which then could result in cavities, tooth decay, and inflammation. We shared the importance of brushing twice every 24 hours, even if it’s not when you wake up or before you go to sleep. We all know that the lack of brushing comes from sheer laziness. It can be difficult to find the time for a dental care routine every day. We’re aware of the dangers of not taking care of our teeth yet we continue to skip brushing and flossing any way. If it hasn’t already, it will catch up to you— that’s why so many people are looking for quick fixes when it comes to their teeth. We’re here to offer you some tips and tricks that will make taking care of your teeth a lot easier.

If you find yourself not brushing because you’re too busy or too lazy, we have the simplest solution: carry a tooth brush with you or leave one in your night stand. If you need to brush your teeth, you can always do so without toothpaste. Toothpaste aids in polishing your teeth while removing the layer of plaque that has formed on your teeth. It also freshen’s your breath. However, it is not mandatory to use when your brush your teeth. So, don’t be afraid to dry brush at your convenience. If you’re sitting at your desk at work doing nothing, give your teeth a brush. As we’ve mentioned, you can also do it in bed! As long as your pop your brush in a sanitized cover, you can really store it anywhere! This means you can brush anywhere whenever you have two minutes to spare.

It is common knowledge that many people don’t floss as much as they should, or at all. If people have enough trouble getting to brush their teeth twice a day, then the chances of them flossing are slim to none. There are several items on the marketing to make flossing easier for you. For starters, you can choose a flossing stick. These flossing sticks make it possible to get rid of food debris that get stuck in between teeth just by using this stick with one hand. No more twisting floss around your fingers and fighting to get those hard to reach places. You could also choose to use flossing picks that have a little tooth pick on one side, and a flossing mechanism on the other. You can dispose of it after use. Similarly, flossing “go-between” resemble little pine trees and get every square inch of the surface between your teeth.

In order to keep your teeth as clean as possible so that skipping brushing once in a while won’t be detrimental, you can also do some things while you eat and drink to help. To avoid stains from wine, coffee, and fruit, always swish with a glass of water during consumption. Try to avoid foods that will get stuck in your tooth or have a massive amount of sugar. Chewing sugarless gum after a meal will also help rid your mouth of some of the food that gets stuck in your mouth. It will also freshen your breath!